Can kaddish be recited on the loss of a dear pet?

Answer On One Hand: Pets are a real part of the familyA family can consist of more than just humans. Pets are often integral members of a family, and their deaths can be traumatic life events. Judaism has... Read More »

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Who was the jack paar guest who recited poem about old friends?

Say: 'estoy muy enojada contigo necesito salir ahora' = 'I am very annoyed/irritated by you, and I have to go now'. Or you could say: 'Por favor, cesa de hablar' = 'Please stop talking'

Maya Angelou's Poem Recited in Madea's Family Reunion?

What are the words to the poem vanessa recited in Madeas family reunion?

No, it is not ethical to record conversations at family events. It could be embarrassing for certain people at the event. It is fine to take appropriate pictures, but unethical to record private co... Read More »

Is it possible to double coverage for cargo insurance If a loss then get the 2 insurance carriers to each pay 50 percent if crate goes missing Friend took big loss last year from shipping loss?

2,055 miles taking this route: Take I-10 EAST from Tucson to I-25 NORTH to ALBUQUERQUE at EXIT 144 in Las Cruces, NEW MEXICO.Take I-25 NORTH to I-40 EAST to SANTA ROSA at EXIT 226A in Albuquerque.T... Read More »