Can just one big windmill power up your house?

Answer There are windmills manufactured for the purpose of powering an entire household. However, the electrical production of a windmill is often unpredictable due to the variable it depends on-the wind... Read More »

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Who invented the power windmill?

The first windmills harnessed power for water pumping and grain milling over one thousand years ago. In 1888, Charles F. Brush of Cleveland, Ohio, created the first windmill intended to generate el... Read More »

Windmill Power Used at Schools?

The steady increase in the acceptance of wind power as an alternative energy source has created new opportunities for schools. Large-scale projects can meet most or even all of a school's power nee... Read More »

How many houses can a windmill power?

A standard windmill can power about 250 homes. In 2010, an average windmill puts out 1.5 megawatts (MW) of power at its maximum. Because wind doesn't blow steadily, a windmill delivers 25 percent o... Read More »

How much does a windmill power?

The amount of power generated by windmills depends on the strength of the wind and the height of the windmill (taller windmill towers catch more wind, generating more kwh). However, U.S. wind machi... Read More »