Can 'just anyone' find out your IP address Why, and what can they do with it?

Answer Well another member cannot readily track your IP address but Yahoo certainly can... anyone with a web page (Yahoo in the case of Answers) can note the IP address of anyone that has connected to it.... Read More »

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What can anyone do with your IP address if they find it out?

Your IP address is roughly equivalent to your street address on the internet.Your system sends out your IP address every time you do anything over the internet. In a similar way, the computers you ... Read More »

How do you find out who hacked my email with just there ip address?

The only way to find out would be to go to the police. With a court order they could then trace it. But I doubt that they will do it. You can file a police report, on the stolen items and give them... Read More »

Can someone find your address if they know your bt landline number, if so how?

Go to search.

Can you move out of your house and in with a friend if your father is okay with it but your mother is not and they have joint custody but you just moved in with your father?

I would say it would depend on how old you are and possibly where you live.