Can jalapeno pepper be substituted for green chillies?

Answer Yes. It depends on your recipe and what taste/how hot you want it.

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What pepper is hotter jalapeno pepper or a Chile pepper?

I believe that a jalapeño pepper is a type of chili pepper. Um it is

Can you grow chillies from the seeds inside the pepper?

Answer If the seeds are not from a hybrid variety, then you can save the seed. Do this by removing the seed and drying for a few days on paper. It is best to handle chillies with rubber gloves to p... Read More »

Do you like jalapeno pepper bites?

Yes I do, I will eat anything with Jalapenos.Love hot peppers.

Heat Level of a Jalapeno Pepper?

Place a jalapeño pepper alongside a peperoncini and a cayenne pepper that have been in the same room for a day, and they will all be the same temperature. But if you chew them, there is a definite... Read More »