Can itching occur about 2 weeks after being pregnant?

Answer I am wondering the same, ive read itching can be a symptom of pregnancy due to hormonal changes etc. But as to 2 weeks im not sure...but if im pregnant, I would be around 2 weeks and today my skin ... Read More »

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If an lcd tv is stored in its box screen facing down as opposed to upright would damage occur after 3 weeks?

Ya in some cases it have been noticed the damage after some time. The lcds have a very delicate interior and they can break with slight mishandling. During the shipping it might have caused some cr... Read More »

If you just found out you're 4 weeks pregnant will drinking 1 wine cooler about 3 weeks ago affect the baby?

AnswerHighly unlikely as that would have been before you even got pregnant. There's not a whole lot of alcohol in a wine cooler so it should be ok, but now that you know you are pregnant, you shou... Read More »

You are 18 19 in three weeks and you are about 2 an a half weeks pregnant the father is 35 he said he would be there for you no mater what an now he has changed you think you are going to end alone?

Well too bad you didnt ask earlier about being involved with a man twice your age.. Someone could have clued you in to the fact that a 35 year old man only wants one thing from a 18 year old. Prob... Read More »

Is it normal to have a sore back that feels hot like it is being stretched with stomach pains every so often if you are six weeks pregnant and have been having the pain for two weeks?