Can it hurt the baby to ride a horse in the last trimester of your pregnancy?

Answer I would say that it is generally unsafe to ride a horse during the third trimester of pregnancy. The uterus at this point is stretched to its maximal point, and is very sensitive to any sort of mov... Read More »

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Is heavy vaginal discharge during the last trimester of pregnancy normal?

Answer If it is the last trimester it could be the mucus plug

How much weight does a baby gain in the last trimester?

When a woman enters her third trimester, the seventh month of pregnancy, the baby usually weighs 2 ¼ to 3 ¾ lbs. By the end of the eighth month, the baby usually weighs about 6 lbs. By the end of... Read More »

What president was the last to ride to his inauguration in a horse-drawn carriage?

Woodrow Wilson was the last president to ride to his inauguration in a horse-pulled carriage when he did so in 1913. For his second inauguration in 1917, he rode in an automobile.Source:DC Military... Read More »

You are a week late for your period a pregnancy test was negative If you are pregnant and you drank for the last couple of weekends will that harm your baby?

Answer It is highly unlikely a couple of drinks this early would harm your baby. If you are pregnant it would be wise to stop drinking though. Answer Hello -Drinking alcoholic drinks will harm t... Read More »