Can iron supplement drops stain a toddler's teeth?

Answer On One Hand: A Possible Side EffectMayo Clinic reports that iron drops can stain a toddler's teeth. Staining is not a cause for alarm or immediate medical attention. The health of teeth is not affe... Read More »

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Does iron stain teeth gray?

Does iron stain teeth? in a word Yes. This staining is most likely a harmless side effect, but the prescriber should have warned you of this side effect. Also the prescriber most likely thought tha... Read More »

I'm taking an iron supplement which has 27 mg and a multivitamin which has 18 mg of iron?

Iron is not something you want to take too much of, because it's more difficult than other stuff to excrete from the body. I would stop taking the supplements, you don't need them. If you are lacki... Read More »

Iron Vs. Iron Sulfate as a Supplement?

Iron supplements are taken to combat low blood iron, also known as anemia. Your doctor may prescribe iron supplements or suggest that you take an over-the-counter dietary supplement, depending on y... Read More »

How Much Iron Supplement Should Women Take?

Not many people carry cash any more, so it's important for craftsmen and small business owners to be able to accept debit or credit cards. It's more reliable and safer than checks and less dangerou... Read More »