Can inversion relieve back pain?

Answer On One Hand: Yes, For the Short TermSome athletes, chiropractors, and back pain sufferers believe that inversion therapy helps relieve back pain. According to Dr. Randy A. Shelerud from the Mayo Cl... Read More »

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Inversion Bed for Back Pain?

An inversion table reverses the effects of gravity on your body. It lengthens the spine and increases the space between the vertebrae, effectively relieving non-injury-related back pain.

How to Use an Inversion Table for Back Pain?

Inversion therapy is used to ease back pain caused by degenerative or herniated discs, spinal stenosis or other spinal conditions. These conditions cause gravitational pressure to be placed on the ... Read More »

Does inversion help back pain?

On One Hand: It Relieves Back PainInversion therapy can provide relief for back pain, according to the Mayo Clinic. The technique involves hanging upside down, and some people find it helpful for l... Read More »

Does the Back Joy really relieve back pain?

Yes, my uncle is the inventor of the back joy and he gave me one for free, it really does.