Can inner ear infection be caused by baby drinking lying down?

Answer I would recommend that you try and find the cause of the eczema. Many doctors will tell you there isn't a cause, that is what they told us. However, we did not believe that to be true.After trying ... Read More »

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What is a bladder infection caused from?

Women get bladder infections much more often than men due to biological differences between a man's urinary tract and a woman's. Although they can be very painful, bladder infections are easily tre... Read More »

What infection could caused a brownish discharge?

That is just a bit of spotting before your period starts, it happens to me every month... Well it did before I got pregnant! :)

Can I get an yeast infection from haveing sex an if not how is it caused?

It's an imbalance in your vagina that causes itchiness, discomfort and thick white (sometimes yellowish or green) discharge that often has a strong smell.Men can get yeast infections too, and they ... Read More »

How to Treat an Infection in Your Ear Caused by Your New Earring?

Did you recently notice that your ear isn't that good in the same spot that you recently got your new pierced earring? Then this might be the place for you! Be sure to read everything before doing ... Read More »