Can inmates attend college?

Answer On One Hand: Inmates Can and Do Attend CollegeIn February 2002, journalist Jim Doyle reported that 120 inmates were attending college classes at San Quentin State Prison, just north of San Francisc... Read More »

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Can i still attend college if my previous college will not release my transcripts?

Colleges refuse to release your transcripts if you owe them a balance. You can still attend college if your previous institution will not release your transcripts. However, you will not receive cre... Read More »

Financial Aid for Minorities to Attend College?

Paying for higher education is a concern for many students. Before applying for college, students should research what scholarship or financial aid options they qualify for. Minority students have ... Read More »

What college did Muhammad Ali attend?

Muhammad Ali did not attend college. He began his boxing career very early, perhaps at age 12, according to most reports. The years when he would have been college-aged were among his most dramatic... Read More »

How long do you attend college to be an X-ray technician?

The minimum education required for an X-ray technician is a certificate of completion, which typically requires 21 to 24 months of full-time study to complete, explains the U.S. Bureau of Labor Sta... Read More »