Can infants get outdoor allergies?

Answer It depends on the reason she is receiving benefits. If she is mentally disabled or seriously handicapped so as to be unable to care for her child she may lose custody. It depends on the severity of... Read More »

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Can infants suffer allergies to dust?

Infants and Dust AllergiesYes, as a matter of fact it is very common for children and infants to have a higher sensitivity to such allergens than adults. Installing a humidifier in the room can wei... Read More »

What are the signs&symptoms of pet allergies in infants?

Sudden symptoms or signs of anything from allergies to the common cold can cause a parent more than a touch of alarm. But how do you tell if what your child has is a pet allergy? Although allergy s... Read More »

What age are infants?

A human is called an infant between the time of birth and one year of age.

HGH in Infants?

Infants and children need human growth hormone, or HGH, which is naturally produced in the body, to grow at a normal rate. However, when a child's body does not produce HGH, it is considered a medi... Read More »