Can indoor cats get ear mites?

Answer While indoor cats are less likely to get ear mites, the can still be infested with the parasites. Interaction with other cats or pets such as dogs, who spend time outside, could expose indoor cats ... Read More »

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How to Kill Mites on an Indoor Palm Tree?

Palm trees are tropical plants that don't do well in gardens in cold regions. Fortunately, for those who enjoy the tropical look, there are palms that thrive indoors, given proper care. Some good c... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Mites in Cats?

Several species of mites can infect cats, yielding conditions such as ear mites, notoedric mange (similar to sarcoptic mange in dogs) and demodectic mange. Many parasitic mites are transferred via ... Read More »

Can cats get ear mites on their eyelids?

On One Hand: Ear Mites Can Be Found On the FaceAccording to a fact sheet published by Veterinary Partner, ear mites (Otodectes cynotis) generally live in the ear canal but may sometimes move onto t... Read More »

Would Lavender Oil Help With Cats' Ear Mites?

Although aromatherapy is becoming more popular to treat human ailments, essential oils are not recommended for treating ear mites in cats. Lavender oil can be poisonous to cats, whether the cat abs... Read More »