Can individual health insurance reduce the number of uninsured?

Answer On One Hand: Driving Prices DownWider pools of buyers reduce prices in any industry, provided there is no shortage of product. According to the Oliver Wyman Report, this law can be applied to healt... Read More »

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Health Insurance, Uninsured Facts & Statistics?

In 2010, with health care and health care reform such a hot topic, many people are looking deeper into their own health insurance--or lack thereof. Luckily, many Americans don't have to worry much ... Read More »

How to Buy Individual Health Insurance?

Individual health plans makes America cringe. Not only are they ruthlessly expensive, but they are devoid of any additional benefits that are the highlight of other plans. For most residents, buyin... Read More »

Individual Health and Dental Insurance?

If you work for a large employer, you may have the option of participating in a group health or dental plan. These plans can be helpful, but if you do not have access to one, you can always buy the... Read More »

Information on Individual Health Insurance?

Self-employed or unemployed people can get health coverage by purchasing an individual health insurance policy. These policies offer many, though not necessarily all, of the same coverages as a gro... Read More »