Can implantion bleeding be brown?

Answer Yes

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Can you have brown bleeding after the morning-after pill?

According to Planned Parenthood, some women experience minor spotting or irregular bleeding after taking the morning-after pill. This irregular bleeding is typically light, and the blood is often a... Read More »

I had a 3 day weird period and today a day later i started spotting..its brown...could this b implantation bleeding?

Sometimes if you are on birth control, your periods may be irregular. If you are not on birth control, you are sexually active and still have your period, than you should be fine.

Is bleeding brown for two weeks and then it turning to red blood overnight a sign that you are pregnant?

Answer I would say it is a sign that you are not pregnant.

Can light bleeding for one day and them brown discharge around the time period should start be a sign of pregnancy?

Answer Yes, it could be implantation bleeding. If you are late a home pregnancy test should show positive if you are. Good luck =)