Can impatiens be indoor plants?

Answer On One Hand: Impatiens Shine in Shade GardensBest known for their outdoor use, impatiens' availability in garden centers peaks during the outdoor growing months. Their bright colors cheer the shady... Read More »

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Common House Plants of the Impatiens Genus?

Impatiens is a genus of flowering plants that are popular not only for shade gardens, but also as house plants. Impatiens can be grown successfully indoors in normal room temperatures with a humidi... Read More »

How to Water Indoor Plants?

When plants are kept in the house as potted plants, their watering needs will differ from those of plants grown in the soil outside. The symptoms of over-watering and under-watering plants are very... Read More »

Plants for Indoor Terrariums?

The best plants for terrariums are those that don't do well in the normal household environment, according to University of Missouri Extension. Low-growing, dense plants are usually best suited to ... Read More »

Evergreen Indoor Plants?

Evergreen houseplants add a touch of nature indoors. NASA studies have demonstrated that utilizing plants indoors contributes to alleviating the sick building syndrome created by tight, energy-effi... Read More »