Do iguanas eat flowers?

Answer Iguanas are herbivores, and the diet of most species consists primarily of leaves. Iguanas will supplement this diet with fruit and flowers. Captive iguanas can be fed dandelions, rose petals, hibi... Read More »

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Do iguanas eat sugarcane?

Iguanas are herbivores that eat mostly leafy, green vegetables like lettuce, collard and mustard greens, and watercress. They also eat other vegetables, fruits, rice and grains in smaller proportio... Read More »

Do green iguanas eat ice cream?

Although pet green iguanas will eat most foods given to them, the Green Iguana Society emphasizes that green iguanas are herbivores, meaning they are designed to eat only plants. You should not fee... Read More »

Art Projects About Iguanas for Children?

Among the largest lizards in the Americas, iguanas make an interesting and fun topic to study. Children will enjoy completing art projects centering on the giant lizard, its habitat and feeding hab... Read More »

How to Breed Helmeted Iguanas?

The helmeted iguana (Corytophanes cristatus) grows to a length of up to 14 inches. A distinctive hump, or helmet, rests atop the iguana's head. The female's hump usually appears much small than the... Read More »