Can iPhone catch a virus?

Answer Yes. An Australian did it today...,1,26329148-5014239,00.html

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Will I catch the stomach virus?

I have a phobia of vomiting also. I feel your pain and it sucks... Since you were never around the actual vomit, you will be completely fine. As you said, your parents got sick hours after you left... Read More »

How easy is it to catch a virus from a computer?

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How does a person catch a Stomach Virus?

The "stomach virus" is commonly caused by the Norwalk virus.It usually last about 24 hours for most people.It can cause watery diarrhea(almost like you are urinating out your bum!),projectile vomit... Read More »

Can my flash drive catch this virus?

No, the virus can get into the flash drive. install avast and AVG, scan the computers. Before opening the flash drive on the computer it should ask you if you want to scan it, just scan it and remo... Read More »