Can i write trade school off on my taxes?

Answer The IRS specifically lists vocational schools as "eligible educational institutions" for the purpose of tax deduction. Tuition and fees paid to accredited trade schools are deductible for the taxpa... Read More »

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Can the IRS trade taxes owed in a contractual agreement?

A taxpayer can file an offer in compromise, which is a contract with the IRS. This allows the taxpayer to pay less in taxes than originally computed in exchange for clearing up any doubts in collec... Read More »

Do I Have to Pay Taxes on Every Stock Trade I Make?

In the United States, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires that every sale of stock or other capital investment assets be reported. The IRS has established third-party reporting systems tha... Read More »

How to Open a Trade School?

Trade schools or vocational schools offer hands-on, practical training for professions that require a working knowledge of a particular field. There are many different types of trade schools, rangi... Read More »

Trade School Colleges?

Trade school colleges provide training and coursework for specific vocations. Trades such as nursing are in high demand, so these trade school colleges can be effective in giving you the background... Read More »