Can i worsen my baby's eczema if i drink beer and breastfeed her?

Answer Assimilation is the absorbtion of biological nutrients into the cell

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Can I drink alcohol& breastfeed?

On One Hand: Limited Alcohol Use Is Considered SafeA 2007 study by the National Institutes of Health and the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism found that a substantial percentage o... Read More »

I drink beer but want to lose there a way....with out not drinking beer..,.?

CUT-BACK a lot, 10 beers a night will keep that beer belly. eat more fruits/veggies/whole grains. and exercise with your girlfriend.

Is it possible to breastfeed a baby after a month of not being breastfeed?

Yes, if you still have milk in your breasts and if the baby still wants to nurse.

Im 14 and about to drink beer?

I have never drunk beer, but I've heard its not worth it. Beer is not particularly tasteful alcohol. Is it addictive? No. One drink will not get you addicted. You might, however, find yourself addi... Read More »