Can i work on farm refrigeration equipment with a 609 certification?

Answer On One Hand: Motor Vehicle Air Conditioning Systems609 certification allows you to work on the refrigeration systems for motor vehicles. It also allows you to purchase the refrigerants that are use... Read More »

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Refrigeration Tools & Equipment?

The refrigeration industry encompasses residential and commercial industrial air conditioning, food storage, and cooling. Refrigeration work requires certified knowledge and specialized tools to wo... Read More »

How to Calculate the Refrigerant Charge on Commercial Refrigeration Equipment?

A commercial refrigerator's efficiency is partly based on the refrigerant charge. Too little charge and the compressor has to work harder; too much charge and the condenser may back up. To determin... Read More »

At What Percentage Does Farm Equipment Depreciate?

Depreciation is a type of write off meant to track the value of assets over time and reduce net income by the amount of depreciation expense for that year. Farm equipment qualifies as a depreciable... Read More »

Can I drive farm equipment on the streets?

On One Hand: Legal to Drive Farm EquipmentFarm equipment can generally be driven on public streets, which is often necessary so farmers can take their equipment between fields. Farm equipment does ... Read More »