Can i wear a white print skirt before easter?

Answer On One Hand: Longstanding EtiquetteWearing white before Easter was considered bad etiquette for centuries, according to Judith Martin, better know as Miss Manners in her well-known Etiquette column... Read More »

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Could l wear a White skirt with a Black Top?

You`ll look stunning in black and white clothes, and any other colour too.

What color panties should i wear underneath a white skirt?

you should always wear skin colored panties under white, white will show threw

Should I wear a skirt?

I thought it may help to have a guys opinion. I think its all about how you wear it and how you carry yourself. Put that skirt on and own it :). If you believe you're looking good, so will everyone... Read More »

What to wear with this skirt?

Any cute form fitting t-shirt or tank top with matching shoes and accessories if your daring. ; )