Can i watch videos using dial up internet?

Answer You can watch videos on a computer using dial-up Internet, but it will take longer for the video to buffer. Buffering allows a video to load enough before playback begins so that it is not interrup... Read More »

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Can I watch videos with dial-up Internet?

You can watch streaming media on the Internet via dial-up, according to YouTube, but you must wait much longer than someone on a broadband connection. If on dial-up, start a video, pause it and wai... Read More »

How to Watch YouTube Videos With Dial Up?

Want to watch Youtube videos but have dial up Internet and don't know how? Keep reading.

How do I connect two computers using dial-up internet so we both can be on the internet at the same time?

Hi,Since your using Dialup modem, it is technically not recommended to do so...You would need a router that supports Dial Up, most new ones are not feasible to do so.Actually all new routers do not... Read More »

Why can't I watch youtube videos without it pausing every few seconds Is it my stupid dial-up service?

No, it's not the dial-up service...I have (supposedly) a high speed connection (not the top one, but high speed broadband nonetheless). Youtube videos pause on me too, and sometimes the people's m... Read More »