Can i wash pink mesh pants with a grey cotton t shirt?

Answer in cold water yes. in cold water.

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I have a navy blue shirt and khaki pants is it okay 2 wear violet black white and grey sneakers with it?

It doesn't look very good. Uniform clothes generally are good with black shoes like flats or oxfords. Those would look strange together, I've seen people do it. But if you like it go for it, its al... Read More »

Will a 100% cotton T shirt shrink on a 40 degree wash and hot dryer?

Are we talking celcius or farenheit. 40 degrees C is just warm to the touch. 40 degrees F is refrigerator cold. Wash in cold water and air dry to be safe.

Can i wash a pink shirt with my white clothes?

Just use cold water for the wash and rinse. And use color safe detergent (ie, no bleach).Really, there's no need to ever separate clothes by color, unless you intend to bleach your whites.

What kind and color pants, jeans, shoes, wedges or high heels will go good with a red or pink polo shirt?

Black heels. White pants. Golden hair band and golden necklace and earring. (they go well with your dog's collar)