Can i view pdf files with Office 2007?

Answer Viewing PDF files in Microsoft Office 2007 is possible with a free download available on the Microsoft official website. The download lets you export and save PDF and XPS formats in eight different... Read More »

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How do I access MS Office 2007 files with OpenOffice?

Ensure you have OpenOffice 3.0 or later installed because earlier versions don't support Microsoft Office 2007 file formats. Right-click the document you want to open and select "OpenOffice," or ru... Read More »

If I download Microsoft Office 2010, will my Office 2007 files still work?

It will do absolutely nothing to the files you have created - they will work just fine in 2007 or 2010.When you install, you can either replace 2007 with 2010 or keep 2007 and install 2010 in addit... Read More »

How to Read Office 2007 Files Using Office 2000?

Microsoft Office 2007 files are incompatible with Microsoft Office 2000 applications. Therefore, according to Microsoft Support, you will have to install the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack if ... Read More »

Can Office 2007 write PDF files?

Microsoft Office 2007 can only convert or save files to a PDF format with the help of a "Save as PDF or XPS" plug-in that is available through Microsoft and other third-party developers.References... Read More »