Can i use windows xp sp2 on ntfs 32256 hard drive?

Answer According to the Microsoft website, the minimum size hard disk that Windows XP sp2 supports is 1.5 gigabytes with the preferred hard disk format of NTFS. An NTFS 32256 hard drive is 32,526 megabyte... Read More »

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How to Repair an NTFS Hard Drive?

Over the course of normal usage, hard drive errors such as unaccounted for garbage data and bad sectors accrue over time. This is a standard part of hard drive operation. Hard drive manufacturers o... Read More »

How Can I Format a NTFS External Hard Drive to a FAT32?

If you have purchased an external hard drive for your computer and you need to format it to make it work properly, or you want to clear out a drive you currently have, you can format the drive thro... Read More »

How to Reformat an External Hard Drive From Fat to NTFS?

FAT, or File Allocation Table, was the standard way that most floppy disks and hard drives (under MS-DOS and Windows) were formatted until Windows NT and Windows XP came out. However, when Microsof... Read More »

How do I wipe a NTFS hard drive file system?

To wipe all data and make sure nothing can be retrieved, you will have to format the drive several times - I believe its seven times if you want to be absolutely certain that its wiped clean, and t... Read More »