Can i use wikipedia in my bibliography for my science project (READ FIRST!)?

Answer No, you should not cite Wikipedia, as it is an encyclopedia and a collaborative work. However, Wikipedia articles usually have citations of their own. Follow up on those; find the sources being quo... Read More »

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What does bibliography mean in my science project?

A bibliography is a list of your cited sources and is usually located at the end of your science paper or on your project display board. The sources must be formatted in the style required by your ... Read More »

First Grade Science Project Ideas?

First grade scientists are ready to taste, touch, see and smell as much of their science experiments as they can, so get creative with experiments that grab all of their senses. Science is all arou... Read More »

First Place Science Project Ideas?

The best science fair projects not only engage the scientist in a meaningful exploration, but also lend themselves to a visual and engaging display of results. Think of projects that engage the sen... Read More »

Science Fair Project Ideas for First Graders?

Science fair projects will allow first graders to explore science, experiment with different materials and share this information with the class. First grade science projects will need an adult to ... Read More »