Can i use wikipedia in my bibliography for my science project (READ FIRST!)?

Answer No, you should not cite Wikipedia, as it is an encyclopedia and a collaborative work. However, Wikipedia articles usually have citations of their own. Follow up on those; find the sources being quo... Read More »

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What does bibliography mean in my science project?

A bibliography is a list of your cited sources and is usually located at the end of your science paper or on your project display board. The sources must be formatted in the style required by your ... Read More »

Can references from wikipedia be used in a bibliography?

Depends on the citation style the teacher asked for. I don't completely understand why, but a lot of my daughter's teachers just hate Wikipedia with a passion, like it was Hitler or something. I to... Read More »

How to Make a Bibliography Project Interesting?

A bibliography project, the compiling of a list of similar books and materials, doesn't have to be an exercise in drudgery. With a little imagination, making a bibliography can be a stimulating and... Read More »

Winning Science Fair Project Ideas on Earth Science?

Science fair projects give students the chance to demonstrate their knowledge of the scientific method by planning and executing their experiments. Projects in earth sciences deal with the age and ... Read More »