Can i use water instead of valve oil on my trumpet?

Answer On One Hand: Water is good for cleaning your recommends a good soapy bath to clean your trumpet. Place the trumpet in a few inches of lukewarm soap water, lightly wash, and dry ... Read More »

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How to Add Valve Oil to a Trumpet?

Oiling the valves of a trumpet is one of the routine jobs that must be done to keep the instrument working properly. It can be done by almost anyone in a few minutes. Contrary to what advertisers m... Read More »

How to Use a Third Valve Slide on Trumpet?

When playing the trumpet, the more valves you push down at one time, the sharper the note you play will be. When you play any note on 1-3, it sounds very sharp. When you play a note on 1-2-3, it be... Read More »

Why don't i just put some water in a bottle instead of buying bottled water?

Because the companies have fooled them, with their marketing, that bottled water is actually "purer" or "healthier"... Which is completely false. There's nothing about bottled water that is better ... Read More »

Why do essential oil perfume recipes use distilled water instead of regular tap water?

Distilled water has all impurities removed whereas tap water has minerals, chlorine, etc that can affect the quality and consistency of your essential oil perfumes. You can buy a gallon of distill... Read More »