Can i use vinegar to make hydrangeas blue?

Answer While a few varieties are exclusively pink, many of the over 100 hydrangea species change color based on soil pH. Unlike litmus paper, hydrangeas turn pink in alkaline soil (pH above 7), blue in ac... Read More »

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How do I plant Nikko Blue hydrangeas?

PreparationPlant container grown Nikko Blue hydrangeas in either the spring or fall. Plant bare-root bushes in early or mid-spring. Choose a sunny or partially shady location.Dig the hole large eno... Read More »

How do I add more aluminum for hydrangeas to grow blue?

Aluminum Sulfate DrenchesCombine 1 tbsp. of aluminum sulfate with 1 gallon of water and mix well. Saturate the soil surrounding the hydrangea with the mixture, repeating the process during each of ... Read More »

How do I make gum paste hydrangeas?

Making the HydrangeasDye gum paste to the colors that you want for the hydrangeas. Add color slowly, and knead the paste until the color blends. Coat the fondant mat with vegetable shortening, and ... Read More »

Will apple cider vinegar clean a copper penny better than white vinegar?

Either one will damage the surface and reduce its collector value to zero. If you must clean a coin that has any numismatic value, soak it in distilled water and soap (not detergent), then use a so... Read More »