Can i use this blueray on my tv?

Answer Yes, your TV will work with your BluRay player. Your TV has a 1366 by 768 resolution, which means it will support 720p and 1080i high definition, but not full 1080p high definition. Only TVs with... Read More »

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Ok i got a 3D HD Blueray player (ht-e45000) but now I can't change the Blueray Speaker volume by. Look Below↓?

what is a ht-e45000 and its BLU-RAY not blueray

HD DVD or BlueRay?

No clear winner yet. Forget technical specs as the basis for a decision. All objective reviews show there is essentially nothing to pick between the two formats re audio or picture quality, and cap... Read More »

DVD vs. Blueray?

Standard DVD have only a resolution of 480i while Blu-Ray DVD is six times sharper and better resolution than a standard DVD. Blu-Ray dvd disc only can hold up to 50GB of high defintion informatio... Read More »

Who do you think is going to win BlueRay or HD?

Right now it seems as if blu ray is going to be the eventual winner. They have had a sales advantage as far as players and movies go for quite a while now and the gap seems to be getting much bigge... Read More »