Can i use off road diesel in my furnace?

Answer On One Hand: Diesel in The FurnaceMost home furnace systems that use number 2 fuel can also run on off road diesel. Diesel has the advantage that it is somewhat cheaper than number 2 fuel oil. You ... Read More »

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Can I use diesel fuel in an oil furnace?

Diesel fuel can be substituted for oil when heating a furnace. Ultra-low sulfur diesel functions like #2 heating oil but produces far less pollution. Using a biodiesel blend, comprised of biodiese... Read More »

Can you use diesel fuel in a home furnace?

You can use diesel fuel as home heating oil. Diesel fuel burns cleaner and more efficiently than home heating oil, as it contains less sulphur and has a higher BTU rating. If using diesel fuel, buy... Read More »

Is no. 2 fuel oil the same as off-road diesel?

No. 2 fuel oil and off-road diesel have the same chemical composition and are essentially the same thing. However, off-road diesel fuel usually contains several additives and is also taxed at a muc... Read More »

What size furnace filter is used for a Honeywell furnace?

Honeywell furnace filters come in a range of sizes depending on the size of your furnace. Honeywell filter sizes are 16 inches by 20 inches, 16 inches by 25 inches, 20 inches by 20 inches, 20 inche... Read More »