Can i use my computer as a fax machine?

Answer Winfax is a programme I used to use.

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What would be a reason why a virtual machine computer can not PING another virtual machine computer?

I'd love an answer to this as well as I ran into it this past summer.

How to Use My Computer As a Fax Machine?

Most of the Windows Server line of operating systems come with a built-in fax service that can enable you to use your PC as a fax machine, sending email-like documents that are received through a f... Read More »

How to Set up a Fax Machine Without a Computer?

Fax machines are becoming more complicated as they expand their capabilities. In fact, most fax machines are no longer just fax machines but they are multifunction machines that can fax, copy, prin... Read More »

How Can I Use My Computer As a FAX Machine?

Before the escalated use of cable modems, using your computer as a fax machine meant actually connecting your computer to a land line. However, because most computers are no longer made with fax mo... Read More »