Can i use my cell phone from europe in the us?

Answer On One Hand: The Technology is the SameOnly unlocked cell phones that are GSM-enabled have the ability to work in the U.S. GSM, which is short for "Global System for Mobile Communications," is the ... Read More »

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Can i use a cell phone in usa, i bought from europe HELP!!!!?

This all depends on what type of service you're going to get for it in the US. Most european cell providers us the GSM technology. both Cingular(now AT&T) and T-mobile use this technology here, if ... Read More »

Will my cell phone work in europe?

Many cell phones from outside the European community will work in Europe, but a lot depends on the type of phone you use and your carrier. Before traveling, contact your cell-phone carrier and ask ... Read More »

Does a cell phone battery harm or damage a cell phone if the phone is unused?

Cell phone battery ingredients--antimony, mercury and beryllium-- are considered toxic and harmful. If a cell phone goes unused, the battery could leak and cause damage to both the cell phone and e... Read More »

Will Android Support Free WiFi Use of Cell Phones Kogan Technologies is coming out with a cell phone based on the Android Platform.. is the era of free cell phone use about to begin?

yes android can be connected to any free (or encrypted) WiFi access point ... kogan agora is not on market ... but there is a lot of other android phones ... HTC HERO, just use google search ...