Can i use my all in one ( fax , printer , scanner ) to send fax from my computer ?

Answer go to microsoft and look for the FAX software. NOTE: this will bypass the fax machine and send directly from your computer, the FAX's going and coming like email.

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How do i scan a picture from my printer/scanner onto my computer?

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How do you scan something onto the computer from a printer/scanner-s-sane says no device try root?

If this is happening when you push scan on your printer /scanner then open your printer software and scan from there.

My computer crashed and I lost the software for my 'Canon pixma MP170' printer scanner copier. Can I download it free from the internet?

The Canon website will have all the necessary and available software in their support downloads

Is the USB of music instuments ( like music keyboards) different from Computer/scanner/ printer USB?

its not a specific usb no? can you play music into the computer? ie in Cubase or sibalius or something similar? Are sure that it is a feature of the keyboard?thanks