Can i use my DSL modem on any line in the house?

Answer On One Hand: Yes, You Can Use DSL on Any LineThrough the use of in-line filters, which connect to your DSL modem on one end and the phone jack on the other, any line in the house can be used for th... Read More »

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Do you need a fax modem on your PC if you have a DSL line?

A DSL connection requires its own special DSL modem, which is usually provided by your DSL provider. The only reasons that you would want to keep your fax modem is to provide a backup dial-up conn... Read More »

Do you need a fax/modem on your computer to use a DSL line?

A fax or standard modem is not needed to use DSL internet on a home computer. While DSL internet comes through the phone lines, it runs into a DSL Internet router box that then feeds the high-spee... Read More »

Can I connect phone and dsl modem to the same line?

you should be able to use both at the same time. The company that installed it or gave you the equipment should have given you a filter to go on the line. It looks like a phone splitter. Where y... Read More »

Will a DSL modem work on any phone line?

A DSL modem will work on any public telephone line, such as those running in your house. Without special attachments, it is unlikely that it will work on digital telephone lines, such as what you w... Read More »