Can i use moor mud detox packs on my stomach to help loose weight?

Answer If you use that while restricting calories and increasing activity.....sure, why not?

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How to loose weight fast from my stomach?

Cycling, abdominal exercises, dorsal raises. Squats, Kettal ball exercises. Don't have to use a kettle ball. Any weight will do (that you can keep hold of). When cycling, be safe and be seen. Hi-vi... Read More »

I have tried to hard to loose weight or at least trim up my thighs and stomach I am a 15 year old girl?

Go for a jog every morning before school, go for a jog after school, try not to sit if ur watching tv, spar (box) infront of a mirror, jump rope, join a soccer team, jumping jacks every morning and... Read More »

My name is Caleb and is my weight good for me I'm 6'1, 200 pounds or 90.7 kg. Should I loose weight?

At 6 1. 200 pounds is great. Check your bmi. if its under 27 then your good.

Im trying to loose a small stomach what shouldnt i eat?

I'll just tell you what you should eat. Eat these foods below and you'll be in decent shape...You need to start eating more wholesome foods. This means foods that are not processed. The main staple... Read More »