Can i use dog flea treatments on cats?

Answer On One Hand: Can Be LethalMany flea treatments designed for dogs contain an insecticide called permethrin, which can be lethal to cats. About one in 10 cats exposed to permethrin will die as a resu... Read More »

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Non-Toxic Flea Treatments for Cats?

Warm weather brings outbreaks of fleas. Your cat then brings fleas into your home and yard. It is important to protect your cat against fleas to prevent the fleas from becoming a problem. While the... Read More »

Home Flea Bite Treatments for Cats?

Many people's lives are enriched by owning a cat, but being a pet owner also has its responsibilities. Your pet's comfort, care and health is in your hands. The cat flea is a common problem that ca... Read More »

Dog Flea Shampoo on Cats?

If you have one pet with fleas, others in your home could become infested. Although dog flea shampoo can help remove fleas from your dog, it should not be used on your cats.

How to Use Advantage Flea Treatments?

Bayer Advantage is a readily available flea medication for dogs and cats. The active ingredient, imidacloprid, causes paralysis to the flea. The medicine stops fleas from biting your pet within thr... Read More »