Can i use dial-up internet&a telephone together?

Answer You cannot use a phone line and a dial-up Internet connection at the same time because voice and data must travel over the same signal, according to HelpWithPCs. However some services, such as Call... Read More »

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What is a telephone dial back system?

A telephone dial back system is used in a business call center environment to maximize the use of contact agents. The application is normally used to capture customer phone numbers when call queues... Read More »

How to Set up Speed Dial with a Telephone Calling Card?

Telephone calling cards can allow you to take advantage of lower calling rates than those provided by your home telephone line provider. It is often possible to purchase country-specific calling ca... Read More »

Why can i get internet but no making or receiving calls on telephone and no dial tone?

for your phone to work you use a pair of wires between your socket and the exchange. if one of these go faulty i.e. breaks then you lose your dial tone and cannot make or receive calls. the braodba... Read More »

What telephone number do you dial to order Dish Network?

You can dial the telephone number 1-866-807-0340 to order new service from Dish Network via an authorized retailer.