Can i use dell charger for hp pavilion g7?

Answer I imagine it will work OK. My daughter has an HP Pavilion dv5 & when her AC adapter went bad several months ago and I gave her a Dell AC adapter to use instead which she still uses without problems... Read More »

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My Dell 1558 had 90 watts charger. Now can I use a 65 watts charger what is the impact?

Computer CPUs have become more efficient over the years. For example my early Athlon64 3200+ (2 GHz) single core desktop from 2004 used about 75 watts at the wall outlet idling at 800 MHz). My i5 6... Read More »

Are HP Pavilion and Dell Dimension components compatible?

Many Dell Dimension and HP Pavilion components are cross-compatible between systems. Examples include the processor, memory, video card, hard drive and optical drives. Some components are proprieta... Read More »

Are HP Pavilion& Dell Dimension components compatible?

Since both the Dell Dimension and HP Pavilion are Intel architecture-based computers aimed at home users running the Windows operating system, they are extremely similar on the inside. Both share i... Read More »

Will a hp pavilion a1200y motherboard fit into dell dimension 8400 tower?

Nicholas,Unfortunately, Dell motherboards are custom designed to fit only in Dell Cases. Thank You,Dell-Jesse LDell Social Media and Communities