Can i use ddr3 graphic card in p5k-vm motherboard?

Answer dude since the p5k-vm is based on a G31 chipset you can install any graphic card which is PCI-E 16x compliant ......................................if you mean ram .... normal ram not graphic card ... Read More »

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Is a ddr3 video card compatible with a ddr2 motherboard?

The DDR3 memory on your video card is entirely separate from the DDR2 memory on your motherboard. As long as the motherboard has a suitable interface for your video card, such as PCI-Express, they... Read More »

Can a GDDR5 Graphics Card work with an DDR3 Motherboard?

If you have to ask then just forget about computers all together

Does DDR3 SDRAM work with a Motherboard that only says it supports DDR3?

I use two DDR3 SDRAM on my motherboard which says DDR3.So it works. You don't have to worry.If there is more than one RAM, just make sure the speed are the same.Check the body for that.

Will ZOTAC GT 630 2GB DDR3 Synergy Edition Graphic Card support my computer?

I assume you have no problem with any other parts of the computer. These two will work yes. But battlefield 3 and gta V I don't think so, not on high settings anyway. But a lot of the fun are in th... Read More »