Can i use concealer all over my face?

Answer yeah you could,you shouldnt notice the concealer if you blend it well into the skin, let it dry then apply foundation, then set with a powder, a colored powder will give more coverage then a sheer ... Read More »

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How to Use Concealer on the Face?

Concealer is an essential part of any woman's makeup collection. You can use this makeup miracle to cover blemishes and dark circles under the eyes. Concealer comes in both a liquid and a solid for... Read More »

The Best Concealer for Broken Veins on Face?

Broken veins on the face are unsightly and permanent unless treated with laser therapy. Unfortunately, the veins on the face are easy to break. You can break capillaries by picking at a blemish or ... Read More »

How to Use Face Concealer to Hide Scars?

When you suffer from facial scars that refuse to fade, concealer is a must-have in your makeup bag. Because of their location and the difficulty of hiding them, facial scars are among the most frus... Read More »

What's the best inexpensive drugstore face powder and concealer?

Best Inexpensive concealer use hard candy glamoflauge concealer cost $6at Walmart Good coverage and long wearingalso ELF tone correcting concealer is great cost $1 is Sheer great for natural finish... Read More »