Can i use bubble wrap for a solar pool blanket?

Answer On One Hand: The Effects Are IdenticalSolar pool covers are essentially the same as giant sheets of bubble wrap. The bubbles focus and transfer heat to the water, while the air trapped by the pool ... Read More »

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Can you use bubble wrap for a solar blanket?

On One Hand: Solar Blankets Resemble Bubble WrapThere are several types of solar pool blankets; the most common type is made of thousands of small thermal bubbles and resembles bubble wrap. This ty... Read More »

Can you use an automatic pool cleaner when the solar blanket is on?

Answer Generally yes, as long as the solar blanket does not interfere with the hose to the automatic cleaner. This will depend upon the exact type of cleaner you might have.In most cases, the hose ... Read More »

What is bubble wrap used for?

Bubble wrap is primarily used for packing items that are breakable. It comes in small, medium and large sizes. Smaller bubble wrap can protect finished wood from scratches, while the medium size pr... Read More »

What is bubble wrap?

Bubble wrap is material made from polyethylene (plastic) resin. This type of plastic is a soft inexpensive plastic used for toys and other consumer goods. Bubble wrap is made with several cushioned... Read More »