Can i use adsense and adfly shrinked link in the same page for my blog?

Answer I don't think there is any issue in this,But if you are serous about your blogging avoid using adfly it annoys users and people leave the site usually.

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I'm writing a book review for a blog and want to insert one link to a Wikipedia page. Do i need permission?

No. You can link to Wikipedia as much as you want and need no permission. If you use material from a Wikipedia article as a source you need to cite the article. On each page there is a link "Cite t... Read More »

My adsense ad shows on my blog, but adsense says that my data is unavailable?

Ok let me get this straight. It has nothing to do if you changed your blog url. Adsense will have unique publisher id for you, so you can change your blog url.If there are no clicks in ad's then it... Read More »

How do I create a link on my tumblr blog that directs to my friends blog?

Once you are logged in and on your dashboardClick and go to your blog linkNow go to customize themeOn the left panel you can see pagesYou can add a page and place the link as you want.This way you ... Read More »

How to Use AdSense on a Blog?

Google AdSense is an advertising program that is open and available to those who own and operate websites, including blog sites. The program works by displaying text or image advertisements in cert... Read More »