Can i use a single-layer DVD disc in a dual-layer drive?

Answer On One Hand: Dual-Layer Drives Burn Single-Layer DVDsDual-layer DVD burners function by writing to the first, visible layer, then refocusing the layer to write to a second layer that lies beneath t... Read More »

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Can a single-layer DVD player play dual-layer DVDs?

Dual-layer DVDs allow for double the storage capacity of single-layer disks. DVD specifications require that all DVD players and DVD drives recognize dual-layer discs. A player that does not recogn... Read More »

Can I copy a dual layer DVD to a single layer?

On One Hand: Split toTwo DiscsA dual layer DVD holds up to 8.5GB of information. That is a little more than double what a single layer DVD can hold, 4.7GB. To copy a dual layer DVD to a single laye... Read More »

Can you burn a two-sided disc to a dual-layer disc DVD with a DVD shrink?

DVD Shrink is a compression program that allows dual-layer DVDs to be compressed to fit onto a single-layer DVD. DVD Shrink has no burning capabilities of its own. The software is intended for use ... Read More »

How does a dual layer blu ray disc work?

There can be no single answer to the "best" brand. Before buying a television, set your size and budget range and then get to see as many models as you can. See what features each of them has and m... Read More »