Can i use (Gumount Starting Fluid) this to start fire on charcoal or wood?

Answer No, you got GumOut not Gumount starting fluid which is to help your car's engine start - not a fire that you want to cook edible food over!You need lighter fluid, not starting fluid for your bbq!

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How to Create a Strong Burning Charcoal Fire Without Lighter Fluid?

The taste of lighter fluid can ruin your barbecue - by using a chimney starter, you can eliminate the need for lighter fluid, and get rid of some old newspapers as well.

How to Start a Charcoal Fire With a Chimney Starter?

The goal is to start a charcoal fire without using lighter fluid or other petroleum based fuels. This is to avoid unpleasant taste to the food, environmental regulations or for other reasons. Chimn... Read More »

What is the best wood for starting a fire?

On One Hand: Old "Seasoned" WoodFirewood with moisture will not burn well. Fresh logs, straight from the tree, contain up to 50 percent water content. Wood that has been "seasoned," meaning chopped... Read More »

What is the best way to start a fire in a fire place with real wood?

1. shred newspaper into strips, crumple it and make a medium pile, this must be enough paper to keep burning to get all of the small wood started. It needs at least enough starter material to last ... Read More »