Can i use 2 video card on this motherboard?

Answer yes you can just look to see if it says crossfire or sli supportcrossfire for amd cards and sli for nvidia cards

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Can i use a video card that has DDR3 on a motherboard that is only DDR2?

Absolutely. Video ram and system ram are completely independant of each other.I'm running a video card with DDR5 ram and i still have DDR2 system ram.

Is a ddr3 video card compatible with a ddr2 motherboard?

The DDR3 memory on your video card is entirely separate from the DDR2 memory on your motherboard. As long as the motherboard has a suitable interface for your video card, such as PCI-Express, they... Read More »

Is the video card integrated with the motherboard in a dell d800?

The Dell Latitude D800 does not have an integrated video adapter. The video card can be removed and upgraded. Compatible video cards for the Latitude D800 include the NVIDIA GeForce FX Go 5200 and ... Read More »

Can a PCI Express video card be used in a standard PCI motherboard slot?