Can i turn my pc into a police scanner?

Answer you can buy a scanner for pretty cheap, i'm from a small town and everyone sits around and listens to it all day

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How you can get the police scanner app 5-0 for free. If the police catch you with it can you get into trouble ?

The app the other answer links to may technically be "legal" to sell but If i were you I would check the local laws in your country that apply. Some countries do make it illegal for citiizens to sc... Read More »

Could I convert my alarm clock radio into a police scanner?

No and here's why.First off, your clock radio only receives AM/FM broadcast band. Most police departments use VHF or 800MHz bands.Second, the clock radio is made to receive one frequency at a time.... Read More »

How to Turn My Computer Into a Scanner?

Computers are complex pieces of hardware that are designed to able to run hundreds of thousands of different programs by performing complex calculations. Computer have various pieces of hardware in... Read More »

20 channel Police Scanner.... 200 Channel Police Scanner (please help, easy answer)?

The number of channels on a scanner does not correlate to what channel the police and fire use. To find the correct frequencies your local area, go to the database at RadioReference http://www.radi... Read More »