Can i turn a battery powered item into a corded one?

Answer Yes it is possible and most consumer electronics devices that use batteries normally have a separate connector for such alternatives. I'm no electronic guru, but for your application, I wouldn't re... Read More »

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Would you prefer a solar powered watch over a battery powered?

Battery powered because I don't want to stay out in the sun. I'd like my apt. to be solar powered though.

How Do I Turn 12V DC Car Battery into 24V DC Battery?

A typical automotive battery is capable of supplying 12 volts direct current (DC), which may be used as a hobbyist's power supply. However, 12 volts DC may not be a large enough voltage differentia... Read More »

Are any corded phones safer than other corded ones?

A simple corded landline phone is completely safe, and operates on the old fashioned analog 2 wire system.. It emits no radiation, or any other harmful products..

How to Turn My PSP 3000 Battery Into a Datel Tool?

The Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) uses a special battery called a service tool to place the PSP into service mode. Another name for the service tool is Pandora battery or Datel tool. They are all... Read More »