Can i trust ebay with buying a new ipod classic?

Answer It's not ebay you're trusting, it's the person using ebay to sell an item. Check their feedback, make sure other people who bought from them were satisfied!

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Would you trust buying this phone of ebay?

hiya, be very care-full,my son bought one from ebay last week, it said brand new, still in box,memory card.worth £120.ans he wants £60. he got it home,as it was near to were he lives,so the man s... Read More »

Is the iPod Classic really worth buying?

I own the exact model you want to get and paid the same price. I have had mine for months now, and have gotten it wet, dropped it, and used it extensively. I also put new music on it every day and ... Read More »

Do you trust ebay?

Yes. Learn how to work it and who to trust.

Should i trust someone on ebay for a $35 laptop?

What are the sellers ratings like so far? If the seller has bad ratings - buyer beware.