Can i transfer a web browser download to a new computer via an external?

Answer It depends on the downloader, i think firefox lets you do it, if it's a torrent, it will work.However, if you are direct downloading, it will only work if the server supports starting/stopping

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How do i transfer music from CD to my computer or external drive?

It's just normal copy like when you copy from folder to folder. If it's original CD music, you will need converter like Yahoo Music Jukebox

How to Transfer iPod Music on a Computer to an External Hard Drive?

Music that is synced to your iPod through iTunes can be transferred to your external hard drive as a backup copy and can later be transferred back from the external hard drive to the same computer ... Read More »

How do I transfer my iTunes music from my external hard drive to my new computer?

A good music collection can take years to build and thousands of dollars to own. Thus it is a good idea for you to make regular backup copies of your music in case something happens to your hard dr... Read More »

How to Transfer My TV Shows From My Media External Hardrive From Dish Network to Computer?

Most digital video recorders come with an external hard drive connection port. This allows you to record television shows directly to the external hard drive. Doing so saves room on the DVR's inter... Read More »