Can i tell by the number what type of credit card i am being given?

Answer Major credit card types can be identified by the first digit in the account number. American Express and Diners Club begin with "3," Visa with "4." MasterCard with "5," and Discover with "6." Succe... Read More »

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How to Format a Credit Card Number Based on the Card Type in JavaScript?

Credit card numbers have different formats depending on the credit card type. For example, Visa, MasterCard and Discover each format their card numbers in four groups of four digits separated by da... Read More »

How to Tell Which Card Number Is What Credit Company?

All credit card companies have numbers specific to their card. If you own a small business or take credit card numbers over the phone, it is possible to understand what company the credit card is f... Read More »

What type of american express card is good for my first credit card?

On One Hand: Low Interest RatesCNNMoney's David Ellis recommends shopping for a low annual percentage (APR), card particularly those advertised as introductory offers. If balances are maintained bu... Read More »

What type of credit is needed for a Discover card?

Discover card is a conservative lender and often requires potential cardholders to have excellent or good credit; however, the company also offers student cards to students with limited credit his... Read More »